Thursday, December 5, 2013

One picture for the end....

The picture says it all... we miss you sisters!
But it's not the end, it's only the beginning...

Tomb of Rachel in Bethlehem


The way it was...

Past and present?


"Thus said Hashem: A voice is heard on high [...] Rachel weeps for her children..."

"Thus said Hashem: Restrain your voice from weeping [...] There is hope for your future [...] "  


Family reunion

Theia Temi, Holocaust survivor from Ioanina, Greece
Uncle Yosef, born in Israel, fought in all its wars

Theia Temi

With niece Sofi

Masada, Dead Sea and Abraham's tent

Judean Desert

Massada walking (we used the cable car!)


In the synagogue of Masada


All smiles!
The cliff
Contemplating the view

Masada will not fall again!

Dead Sea Mud

Photogenic? ;-)


Eliezer welcomes Nina

What a view

Amazing voice and songs

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

More of the old City

Tower of David

Model of the Temple at Aish rooftop

Old city

Old city

Old city

Old city

Old city

@ Jaffa Gate

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Havdala @ the Claman's home

Nina tells us about the Greek Jews....

Musical Havdala...

...with Yitchok Meir Malek,

Pamela the Shabbat Queen

Pre-Shabbat concert with Rabbi Glaser

From L.A surfing...

... to music in Jerusalem

Welcoming Shabbat with dances


Australia rocks!

Challa baking (Day 5 - Friday)

Dough with inspiration

Calgary and Greece bake Challa

Professional bakers!

Dove Challah

Our chefs d'oeuvres...