Monday, December 2, 2013

Spiritual Day in Tzfat... (Day 2)

Our Greek sister Alissa :)

Best tour guide Ayala!

Surprise concert with ladino music

Outside the synagogue of the Arizal, built by Greek people!

Beautiful Nina :)

Hearing about the Arizal...

Inside the synagogue of the Arizal

The Greek team and the hills of Tzfat

The bride of the day, Betty , with Elisheva at the Tzfat Mikve

"Let it flow!"




Tzfat, old city

Inside the synagogue of Rabbi Yosef Karo

Synagogue of Rabbi Yosef Karo

Nina tells us about Rabbi Shlomo Elkabetz, from Salonika, who wrote the Lecha Dodi

Synagogue of Rabbi Yosef Karo

Artist's quarters in the old city of Tzfat

Fresh juice anyone?

Old City Tzfat

Always laughing!

Great welcome at the Red Hahn

Our picturesque cook

Hello Mexico and Toronto!



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